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Finding the Perfect Studio Space for My Floristry Business


Having the right floristry business studio space is crucial for the success and growth of your business. Picture me carrying 5ft funeral arrangements in and out of my current studio in my garage outside to look at it from above. Trying to document my work and the stages of construction with my car and bins in the back of my photos – not for the faint hearted, especially during the coldest of days with the wind howling in through the open garage door. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, finding a new studio space is exciting yet challenging as I came to learn. In this blog post, I’ll share my journey and my key considerations and steps that helped me find the perfect studio space that suits my current needs.

Assessing my Business Requirements:

Before embarking on the search for a new studio space, I took some time to evaluate my business requirements. A larger space than my garage at home, a physical presence, somewhere my potential and existing customers could visit for consultations and inspiration. A space to meet me as a professional florist and get to see first-hand what I do and how I work (however messy on the day!)

Determining a Budget:

Establishing a budget was crucial when searching for a studio space. I couldn’t do this without an idea of the potential costs to rent a place, so I started to research and reach out to potential locations. It certainly helped me to narrow down my options and keep a realistic expectation of how much space I actually needed and what areas of my search requirements I was willing to compromise on.

Research the Location:

Location plays a vital role in the success of your business, obviously. I looked for areas that are convenient for my customers and suppliers, with good transportation links and additional incentives to visit the location such as other relatable businesses. I needed to research the areas to determine if there would be a demand for floral services and if the demographic aligned with my target market. Additionally, considering the overall ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the location, as it can impact your brand image. I wanted somewhere with the feeling of being somewhere where everyone takes care of their space, takes pride in what they do and that my brand would fit in with the atmosphere of the building and surroundings.

Space Layout and Amenities:

Time to evaluate the layout and amenities offered by potential studio spaces. Consider the floor plan, ceiling height, natural lighting, ventilation, and any additional features that can enhance my work environment. I wanted a light and airy feel – I find dark spaces quite oppressive so having natural light without direct sun (damaging to my flowers) was one of the top requirements on my list. A well-designed space with the necessary amenities will absolutely contribute to my productivity and creativity. (And my mental health) Realistically, I wanted a bright building, open feeling space with good storage and an area where I could display products as well as holding my floral classes and meeting customers. Another huge consideration was the cold of winter, having spent the last few completely freezing, when the outside conditions are -4 degrees, you guessed it, I work in -4. Although no florist can work in a cosy, toasty space (my heaven), having some insulation and protection from the elements is key!

Accessibility and Parking:

The studio needs to be easily accessible for me, working primarily alone means I can only rely on myself for transporting arrangements, stock deliveries and products. I needed nearby parking, as few steps and trip hazards as possible and flexibility for both for me and my clients. Because I offer delivery services, I looked at proximity to major roads and ease of locating the studio for visiting customers.

Safety and Security:

Security should be a top priority for anyone looking for a business space. Would I feel safe there, alone, middle of winter in the dark afternoons and early starts? Would I be confident to leave stock outside for sale and trust passing footfall? Assessing safety like secure locks, protecting my stock, protecting myself. Additionally, knowing I would be surrounded by other businesses who support one another and look out for each other’s business and livelihood.

Future Growth and Flexibility:

While searching for a studio space, it was important to consider my future plans and potential for growth. Will I suddenly become much busier; will I have enough space for stock as well as displays? Would the space accommodate business expansion and if there is room for scalability? If I continue to book weddings, I’ll need a second person, we need to comfortably work in a space together without tripping up and getting on top of each other. I found a place with flexibility in leasing, meaning, at some point, should I need or wish to expand there is potential additional space for me to rent – win!

By Seeking Assistance:

In the search for a studio, I’ve been lucky enough to have the help and listening ear of my partner and family. I’ve been fully supported by the owner of the property and his and his families ideas for my business’s growth. I’ve been encouraged and offered advice from several of the existing businesses who will soon become my neighbours and I am incredibly grateful to everyone. Without one of these jigsaw pieces being in place, would I feel so confident and excited? Nope.

The Big Conclusion:

Finding the ideal studio space for my business required careful consideration. I’ve found a place that aligns with my vision and supports my growth. With the perfect studio space, I can create a thriving environment to nurture my creativity and deliver exceptional florals. I want to exceed expectations, level up and push harder for the dream I’ve had for more years than I can remember. I don’t expect my business to turn into a multimillion-pound one man band, but I can set myself targets and I’m determined. I know, with a professional location, some passing trade and the support of those around me, I will grow. So, roll on the second half of 2023, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot, but I’m happy to continue to evolve. Glendon Lodge Farm, Kettering – I’ll be there soon!

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