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UNIQUE PIECE - Stoneware in satin mottled black and matt blue glazes.

This is a work of high craftsmanship, elaborated and carefully designed in all its details. The piece has a mixture of textures and contrasting colors that make it very special, there is no other like it.

This piece was fired two times at high temperature (bisque fire at 980ºC – 1800ºF, then I glazed it and it was fired again at least once at 1250ºC - 2280ºF). I prepare by myself the glazes using high quality raw materials. Into the kiln the glazes melt and mix creating unique and unrepeatable effects. Thus they are transformed into coloured inert glass that is not be altered by acid.


14 cm (6") high x 9 cm (4") in diameter

Handmade Stoneware - Black & Blue

    • Handmade
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Zero waste objective
    • Vegan
    • Made in Spain

    FROM: J Morales Ceramics

    I am Jorge H. Morales, industrial designer and ceramist since 1985. I make handmade and potter's wheel stoneware and porcelain pieces. They are designed by me, and are made and decorated with glazes formulated and prepared by myself, all with high quality raw materials. I never use commercial glazes.
    EVERY PIECE IS UNIQUE. I look for each one to stand out for its shape, colour, texture, etc.
    My pieces are fired two times at high temperature, stoneware at 980ºC and porcelain at 1080ºC, then both glazed fired at 1250ºC. My everyday use items are food safe and suitable for microwave and dishwasher. My pieces are useful as well as decorative. Design and functionality go hand in hand.

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